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Twitter etc as video

If you don’t really get Twitter or crowdsourcing or facebook any of that social media malarky here’s a video that shows how it works …

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The bebo story

bebo has just been sold to AOL for £417 million. Here’s their story from the Sunday Times.

Social Networks - the numbers

The numbers are out today on Europe’s social network use. Here at Comscore the amazing figures that nearly 78% of the UK’s online population visit a social networking site on average 15.8 times (average 5.8 hours) every month. ‘Heavy’ users are up to 22 hours a month, still well short of an hour a day though. In the subtext we’re told this doesn’t include under 15’s, and excludes traffic from public computers such as internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs, which if it did would surely swell the figures even more.

Coming soon on the inspiredesignblog … Teekall’s view of Facebook (alternatively titled have you been indexed?)

Oxfam online shop

With the strapline of “from designer to downright comfy” Oxfam’s online shop sells a range of what we might call ‘vintage’ fashion including accessories and childrenswear. Here’s another business getting its act together online. This is a great way of using an existing offline social network to create a new online network. Sometime soon are we going to see something like this become a marketplace, (although maybe this exists already somewhere?) percentages of buying and selling going to the help fight poverty, far better than being chugged in the street. This surely is the tip of the iceberg for this kind of charity/business. At the moment clothes/fashion, as this grows toys, bikes, books, etc., perhaps buy online and pick up from your local store, this could be a quiet revolution in charity retail.
Oxfam online shop

The BBC goes social

You can now bookmark news items on the BBC on your favourite social bookmarking/sharing website. More here.