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No more spam …

Well in 25 or so years anyway, according to Richard Watson’s new book Future Files. Also included the death of the butcher (not convinced) and no more DVD stores and village stores gone by 2018. Can’t really see the last one, in fact exactly the reverse as more people work from home or local social offices.

Deptford Fun City

The Deptford Project is the first step of a project to regenerate the are around Deptford Station and makes great use of a 1960’s South East Trains carriage. Designed and handpainted by the very fine Studio Myerscough.

Dover Street Market Revamp

Some good pictures of the revamp of Dover Street Market, found at Urban Junkies Dover Street Market’s Interior Revamp

More Google offices

A collection of Google workplaces around the world.
Google Offices (Googleplex) Around The World [Photos]

Fabulous wayfinding

A fabulous piece of wayfinding for Eureka Tower Carpark in Melbourne from Axel Peemoeller, one of those so simple I wish I’d though of that pieces of design.
Axel Peemoeller - Eureka Carpark Melbourne
Originally via Swiss Miss