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Tips for building great websites

In the run up to Christmas, especially with postal delays looming, a timely list from Retail Bulletin Top ten mistakes that could leave your website vulnerable as the Christmas rush approaches.

Seth (isn’t it great when your first name can be your brand) has been majoring on websites and CSS lately, here’s his list of do’s and dont’s for creating a website.

And finally e-consultancy’s 10 reasons why your website sucks.

[Sources: Retail Bulletin, Seth Godin, e-consultancy, Telegraph online]

The Purple Cow himself

I’ve just finished reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow and here is the man himself talking about how to be remarkable whilst being remarkable himself. As always the story is better from the horses (cows?) mouth. Also Ted itself looks rather excellent and worth an extended browse.

Topshop Spring Cleaning Email

Just got an email from Topshop, titled Topshop Spring Cleaning (It’s January chaps!), clicking through at their request it asks me to fill in my name, date of birth, address and gender so they can keep me informed about their latest offerings. It certainly looks real enough so I can’t understand the phishing attempt unless I’m being completely gullible. I gave them my email address not an invitation to steal my identity. Then I look at the url and it says CheetahMail (aptly named) which of course is an Experian company, draw your own conclusions. I’d suggest somebody at Topshop needs a lesson in permission marketing. Now where’s that unsubscribe button?

Seth’s Blog: How to be remarkable

As usual remarkably readable and inspirational

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