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Thinking ahead (or not)

Two stories that prove the effectiveness or otherwise of engaging with the online community.

From Mashable:  Dirk-Willem van Gulik is to join the BBC.

From everywhere today including the BBC: Facebook to pull Scrabulous.

The revolution is here, well sort of …

Well only if you can technically get it. I got my invitation to Joost recently, quite excited in a nerd kind of way I downloaded the software. Unfortunately after loading it all a message comes up “Joost does not work on your computer. You need a Mac with an Intel processor to run this version of Joost. The application will now quit.” Hmmm, the revolution only works if you’re technically able to receive it. Apparently a version to work on Mac PowerPC is coming so the revolution is now offically on hold in this house.

The future of Television

The Venice Project has announced a name change, a brand even, to Joost. Although still in beta this looks very exciting and promising, it’s ever cheaper to create content these days although as always the idea is the thing or as I read on the 37 signals blog today ‘the macguffin‘. With the admission of Apple that it’s a lifestyle brand not a computer company (I wonder how Apple Corps took this) this type of content will get easier to stream into our homes and perhaps garner more than a singular audience, or will our watching habits change (if they haven’t already) so we watch our bespoke entertainment in isolation or with others but online? There’s still something comforting about watching television or a film as a family at a prescribed time, if the content’s good enough, that’s what we’ll do.
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As yet I’ve only signed up for Beta so waiting impatiently to get invited and see how it works as despite the blogs and information there’s nothing better than getting something yourself to see how it works and slots in with your life.