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BBC Monkey

BBC Money Air application
With the Olympics just around the corner the BBC has enveiled it’s Monkey characters from the Gorillaz team. Not content with characters for TV and web you can also download the Monkey Air application for your desktop to follow the unfolding news.
I suspect Monkey will take on a whole new life this summer as the Olympics unfolds. The Opera finished at the Royal Opera House yesterday but hopefully will get some new dates soon, soundtrack and lots of content is already available.
Monkey - Journey to the West
Desktop Monkey

Something for the weekend

A couple or three inspirational links for your weekend perusal pleasure …

Chock full of ideas and once frowned upon but now cool horizontal scrolling the Urban Outfitters blog.

All retail needs a ‘big idea’ here’s one at Adrenalina in Miami.

And finally …

Sign up for Moby Gratis for all your soundtrack needs or just to create a soundtrack to your day.

Currys pops up

I’ve enjoyed reading (and listening) to Simon Perry on Digital Lifestyles reporting from Whitehaven on the digital switchover over the past few days. Interesting to see Currys make good, if a little uninspiring, use of a pop up retail format. You can read the full story with pictures here. It’s an interesting move, although I think Currys have missed a trick in not featuring the truck or ‘Currys on tour’ at least on the digital switchover part of their website.


These beautiful billboards from the Johnson Banks thought for the week, reminded me of these blank billboards in São Paulo, photographed by Tony de Marco, originally via the Creative Review blog. This New (or is that Nu?) Austerity trend seems to be gaining traction.

Handmade retail

The ‘handmade/popup’ retail trend continues to grow. This is de Bakkerswinkel in Amsterdam from the Style Files.

The Style Files is well worth adding to your RSS/bookmarks whatever, always a lot of good pictures for inspiration.