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Improve your checkout process

Here from E-consultancy 10 ways to improve online checkout process. A must read for many, many etailers. Apparently 50% of (potential) customers bail out at this stage. I’ll add my number 11, spend some cash yourself, you can’t do this stuff on the cheap and sustain a decent retail presence online.

John Lewis launch their new website

Today, John Lewis unveiled their new website. I’ve used their ‘old’ (yesterday’s) version a few times and always found it very good if a little light in the product area. Apparently this new version will have nearly double the product range, up from 22,000 products to 41,000 and will be edited frequently so that should take care of that. An excuse for some retail therapy anyway.

One thing that has always stood John Lewis apart is the quality of their photography, it actually looks like some effort has been made to specifically shoot and repro their images for the web, other (r)etailers should take note.

Here’s a comparison of their old and new landing pages, and just for the sake of completion an image of the launch email.

John Lewis, yesterday's website
John Lewis, today's website
John Lewis, website launch email

Meanwhile back on the other side of etail here’s Matalan’s version.

High Street Etail

A brief summary from retail Week Conference about the push for Etail in the UK, despite 2 thirds of retailers still not having a transactional website

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