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Where’s your $300 million button?

Here’s a story well worth reading for those of you with ecommerce sites. Jared Spool from UIE changed the usual user/register button to be optional.

Annual Revenue increased by $300 million because customers would rather have the option not to register and just pay, rather like the High Street.

The best quote “I’m not here to enter into a relationship. I just want to buy something.”

New York’s Top 10 new stores

From the New York Times 10 stores that would be worth a peruse if you happen to be in the Big Apple in the springtime.

Something for the weekend

A couple or three inspirational links for your weekend perusal pleasure …

Chock full of ideas and once frowned upon but now cool horizontal scrolling the Urban Outfitters blog.

All retail needs a ‘big idea’ here’s one at Adrenalina in Miami.

And finally …

Sign up for Moby Gratis for all your soundtrack needs or just to create a soundtrack to your day.

Read all about it

Google UK Retail Gadgets
Google has launched UK Retail Industry Gadgets. All the UK news you need in one easy place. You’ll need an iGoogle account and many hours to spend reading all this stuff.
Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

Welcome to the Tesco (ahem) Department Store

In a bid for global domination, i.e to garner more than £1 in every £7 spent in the UK, Tesco are looking to expand into a high street near you.

From the FT originally, via PSFK.