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More Google offices

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A collection of Google workplaces around the world.
Google Offices (Googleplex) Around The World [Photos]

Google HQ – The Video

More from the Google office in Zurich.

The Google workplace

Some images from Google’s office in Zurich. I’m wondering if we could fit a cable car in to our office, hmm. This certainly looks like a place you’d look forward to on a Monday morning.

Originally from Swiss Miss where you can download the full pdf.

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Google UK Retail Gadgets
Google has launched UK Retail Industry Gadgets. All the UK news you need in one easy place. You’ll need an iGoogle account and many hours to spend reading all this stuff.
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Google Analytics 2.0

Hopefully a bit quicker too. From the Conversation Marketing blog. Also worth looking at if you’ve got a Mac is the dashalytics widget, makes your dashboard actually useful and addictive.
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