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Deptford Fun City

The Deptford Project is the first step of a project to regenerate the are around Deptford Station and makes great use of a 1960’s South East Trains carriage. Designed and handpainted by the very fine Studio Myerscough.

Dover Street Market Revamp

Some good pictures of the revamp of Dover Street Market, found at Urban Junkies Dover Street Market’s Interior Revamp

The unseen ballet of Britain

The BBC will starts a new series called Britain from Above this Sunday (10th August) at 9pm. Loads of other fascinating content on the Britain from Above website.

Everything is Free

I do love a good trends read and fortunately Richard Laermer has published his 2011 Trendspotting for the Next Decade online, available as a free e-book. Continuing in fact a trend of publishing your book or at least a chapter or two online before you (might) buy the print version.

Also available is The Word of Mouth Manual (Vol II) available from your blog of choice … Word of Mouth Manual

More Google offices

A collection of Google workplaces around the world.
Google Offices (Googleplex) Around The World [Photos]