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Twitter etc as video

If you don’t really get Twitter or crowdsourcing or facebook any of that social media malarky here’s a video that shows how it works …

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Something for the weekend

A couple or three inspirational links for your weekend perusal pleasure …

Chock full of ideas and once frowned upon but now cool horizontal scrolling the Urban Outfitters blog.

All retail needs a ‘big idea’ here’s one at Adrenalina in Miami.

And finally …

Sign up for Moby Gratis for all your soundtrack needs or just to create a soundtrack to your day.

Pop up retail

This week I received my copy of Frame magazine and was completely taken with the article on page 241 ‘Plastic Dreams’ an exhibition in Shanghai Times Square: beautiful red plastic mannequin’s from La Rosa and a fantastic plastic walled structure with clear plastic blocks from Sturm und Plastic what an amazing sight.
What a fantastic opportunity to create a exhibition/moving retail environment. Food for thought for all those internet retailers out there who need to find ways to promote themselves offline, think of the opportunities to introduce a new product range using visual merchandising in pop up retail environments, but most of all to build customer awareness and create great publicity.
Unfortunately you can only see the image in the magazine but all the more reason to buy one for some design inspiration.

The queue starts here

On the Topshop style blog today a guide to how to queue. Useful if you’re one of the “baying crowds” (their words not mine!). And you can even get a colour coded wristband, attending a store event now becomes a festival and you can look back and say “I was there” or sell it on ebay then you can buy one and pretend you were there! Now if someone had the idea to make fake Topshop wristbands …

On a slightly different typography note there’s an interesting article on the CR blog about the Kate Moss brand, at least the Topshop version of it.

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The Peroni gallery

How simple product as retail can be. And product values by association seems a good idea as well. One to put into the data bank for next time we do a visual merchandising project and as always it proves simple is best, isn’t that always the case?

Thanks to Brandflakes for Breakfast for this.