Tips for building great websites

In the run up to Christmas, especially with postal delays looming, a timely list from Retail Bulletin Top ten mistakes that could leave your website vulnerable as the Christmas rush approaches.

Seth (isn’t it great when your first name can be your brand) has been majoring on websites and CSS lately, here’s his list of do’s and dont’s for creating a website.

And finally e-consultancy’s 10 reasons why your website sucks.

[Sources: Retail Bulletin, Seth Godin, e-consultancy, Telegraph online]

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  1. 1 Manoj Ranaweera

    Yes. Seth got famous through his books. But same is now true about blogging. Books and blogs are only vehicles - you still have to talk about issues that generate interest - not something that is easy to achieve. Nice to see your blog flourishing. Manoj

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