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The amazon kindle review (via Scoble)

Amazon entered the world of digital mobile recently with the Kindle. In a bizarre twist it seems they forgot to add any retail to it. I use amazon a lot and I like the review system particularly, but it seems this product should have been released with a big beta button on it. Proves the point that if you don’t know how to do something (like stretch your business into hardware) hire an expert and don’t do it until you’ve got it right and it does what everyone expects it should do. If this product came from apple we all know it would do and it would also have many features we didn’t even know we couldn’t live without. It’d also be a lot better looking.

You can see the scobleizer’s full review here. Watch the video though, I love the phrase about “leaving that kind of money on the table”.

A word from the master

In our previous lives Amanda and I used to work at Rodney Fitch and Fitch before that. Nice to see the ole feller still waxing lyrical about the ‘art of shopping‘.

Spotted on the Core 77 design blog.

The fitting room experience

An interesting post from Julia from Adaptive Path about the retail experience in particular the personal stylist and fitting room experience in the US. Nothing different really to over here as far as fitting rooms is concerned. The acid test of a good fitting room is can you tell navy blue from black and can you see yourself back view fully in the mirror behind you. If there is one of course!