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Hedge retail anyone?

As oil hits $145 a barrel on it’s never ending upward trend, a new kind of ecommerce appears, Hedge Retail. Buy your produce online, probably using credit, and then use what you’ve bought over whatever period of time suits you. The first one of these I’ve noticed (and I’d like to see if there’s any more) is, a US site where you can buy ‘tomorrow’s gas at today’s prices’. An interesting concept that could work across a great many commodity and product areas. Next step will be a trading site where you can sell your stuff at marked up prices. We’re all designers, we’re all marketers, we’re all retailers. Just depends how good you are.

Today was RSS Awareness Day

RSS Awareness Day
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For digital beings

Being-Digital websiteBeing-Digital websiteBeing-Digital website

This isn’t usually a blog for work but in the spirit of ‘things of interest’, the new Being-Digital new website (designed and built by us) launched earlier this week.

Being-Digital is a conference for the discerning digital beings amongst us. Hopefully a place to garner some knowledge and mingle with the digiteratti. Amanda will be in attendance as a panellist, probably without the pink cowboy hat.

More info on the website and digital brochure.

The bebo story

bebo has just been sold to AOL for £417 million. Here’s their story from the Sunday Times.

The top 10 Web Apps revealed

A little while ago I added a vote for your favourite Web App button on here. Now the results are in. My particular favourites are Mint and Basecamp and of course WordPress. Surprisingly FaceBook is only number 4 although it does seem to be going through a ‘it’s got too big let’s knock it down’ phase at the moment.

The full list is here.