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George goes online

At long last a value retailer is going online with a transactional website.
Apparently later this year George will be taking the plunge. You can sign up to be the first to know although if you do they don’t send you some sort of email automatically, even a thanks for signing up, a bit of a missed opportunity.

Some ideas for the future of retail

On the Radio 4 programme In Business, Rodney Fitch tells us about shopping being the purpose of life and some interesting history about Selfridges.

The key is to be innovative, and to build a shopper experience which is absolutely appropriate for its time, its place and for its community.

Details, details

I’ve heard, and used many times, “God is in the details” (Mies van der Rohe) and “Retail is detail”, and now here’s a new one (to me) “It doesn’t have a Wienie!”.
Full story here on the hear2.0 blog.

East is Live

East launches their new transactional website. The aim of the site according to their CEO is for the site to become East’s biggest store. Something that every retailer should aspire for their online real estate.
Full story on e-consultancy.

Spring is here