Happy New Apple

Whilst many retailers are still counting the profits (or losses) after Christmas Apple shows us how to start the year with some buzz and no doubt a bang.

How many retailers can create such a buzz about new product announcements? How many retailers can fuel such speculation and evangalism about potential new product lines. In the run up to Steve Jobs Keynote at Macworld Expo today, Apple lets the blogosphere take the lead and create all the publicity it needs.

From a purely product launch point of view, a couple of questions to ask your own business. Can you eulogise about your products like he can? How much money do you spend on Research and development that never sees the light of day? Do you think globally and act locally? Apple’s website in the US shows the teaser, in the UK as usual we’re a bit behind and are still showing last weeks new product.

Apple Website pre MacWorld Keynote 2008Apple Website UK pre MacWorld Keynote 2008

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