A couple of Web 2.0 articles

In the past couple of days I’ve read a couple of articles worth a read around the Web 2.0 theme.

The first on mad by Paul Dawson tells us of a survey of 1,000 marketing managers of which ‘almost half’ 42% didn’t feel that customers were interested in being provided with Web 2.0 technologies, although I’d prefer to look at it that 58% (of marketing managers) do and the rest need to catch up.

The second by Sam Decker on Retail Bulletin takes the marketing view that Web 2.0 is an opportunity for ’social commerce’ as he calls it. He’s even on the board of WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) who would have though one of those would actually exist?

The underlying message here is that marketing seems to be waking up to the realisation that the web can get you nearer to your customers, although there’s still a great deal of catching up to be done. You only have to look over the water to see how online retail can work. Here’s a website selling a baking tray, over here nearly two thirds of fashion retailers still don’t have a transactional website.

For anybody in the North West interested in Web 2.0, or anywhere else for that matter mashup* will be having an event around web 2.0 in October.

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