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Vintage Tesco

Even Tesco is getting in on the vintage act. Their store at Goodwood Revival harks back to the 60’s complete with retro packaging and hairdo’s. Many more photos on Tasteologie and the Daily Mail Online  Read More …

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M Local by Morrisons

A ‘fresh street corner supermarket’ for Morrisons new M Local concept in Ilkley West Yorkshire. Of particular note, a large use of fresh (some might say Asda) green and a very architectural girder or two that run through the space. Fascia with entrance 'you are here' graphics and plant barrow to the right. Interior with the big green girder 'Market fresh' produce with ubiquitous Read more …

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The new Waitrose website

Today Waitrose launched their new website. Overall a more streamlined sophisticated look with more to do on the home page. Gone is the enormous site map in the footer replaced with a neater version. Navigation is cleaner and the ‘value’ bright green is replaced with a more elegant textured brown and olive green. In the details of particular note are the areas on the introductory slideshow Read more …

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Supermarket set up

Some stop motion action from Supermarket Sarah as she/they set up their Xmas pop up shop. More images below, including Mel Elliot’s brilliant colouring wall, Peter Ibreugger’s fab moustache mugs, the super cool WORK IT girls making their wall and the illustrator phoebe Eason painting her Bird wall. If I wasn’t a country bumpkin I’d be there filling my golden shopping basket Read more …

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More Supermarket Sarah

A few more pictures from our new favourite shop, (did we mention about experience retailing?) this is her new wall guest curated by the super designer Fred Butler. Also a very fine Benny Hill style making of video. Supermarket Sarah ▶ jQuery(document).ready(function() {if ( !["tchkIfXt"] ) {["tchkIfXt"] = new Array(); }["tchkIfXt"][1]={"blog":9419396,"post":7,"duration":12,"poster":"http:\/\/\/tchkIfXt\/video_std.original.jpg","hd":false,"mp4":{"size":"std","uri":"http:\/\/\/tchkIfXt\/video_std.mp4"},"ogv":{"size":"std","uri":"http:\/\/\/tchkIfXt\/video_fmt1.ogv"},"locale":{"dir":"ltr","lang":"en"}}; jQuery("#v-tchkIfXt-1-placeholder").show(0,function(){"tchkIfXt")}); if Read more …

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Super Supermarket Sarah

A lovely website with a real sense of discovery and browseability. Hover over the products to see what’s still available and what’s sold. Click the browse button to see a different catalogue view. Take a look for yourself. Supermarket Sarah. Originally from the very excellent Design Milk  Read More …

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Asda – The Green Room

A week or so ago Asda introduced The Green Room, a place for ‘colleagues’ to share what’s happening around the business. Not much fanfare that I noticed externally at least that I spotted anyway. What’s interesting is the openness that surrounds the project as wel as how important it is that colleagues have a voice to interact with the business. One thing that seems to be missing Read more …

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The mobile supermarket

As in pay with your mobile rather than a mobile supermarket. This store in Germany points the way to the future of buying by mobile although it could be a bit long winded if you were really filling your trolley up to stand and scan barcodes high above you. BBC NEWS | Technology | Supermarket of the future  Read More …

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