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Shopper-Centric Design eBook

Here’s a nice little eBook, courtesy of Elateral. Just the right thing to get those juices going for your New Year’s to do list. Of particular interest is the four principles and seven imperatives and some good links at the back of the book. Happy reading. Here’s the download link. (You’ll need to give up your email address).  Read More …

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New Uniqlo UK

Today Uniqlo launched their new UK ecommerce website. Of particular note is the immensely long home page, scroll all the way down to read a huge amount of information. We’re still getting comments regularly about designing ‘above the fold’ so it’s refreshing to see a client that understands that scrolling is probably easier than clicking through and keeps customers on the home Read more …

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Mood board heaven

No sooner than we talked about the need to create an online mood board app than along cam Pinterest. A doddle to use and very addictive and of course super useful. Sign in with twitter, create pin boards, pin images from web pages (unfortunately not from Google Reader) upload images and follow other users. Still got 4 invites left so add your name to the comments if you want one.  Read More …

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Brands on Twitter

Doesn’t seem much real life interaction between customers and brands via Twitter over here (UK). Over there (US) of course it’s done better. More on The Escape Pod’s blog. Originally spotted on Brandflakes for Breakfast  Read More …

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New Google Internet Stats

Launched today but hidden away Google Internet Stats is a neat little site to back up those all important presentations/proposals. Five main areas are covered (with room for expansion) and the opportunity to submit your own stats. Originally from Read Write Web via twitter  Read More …

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Asda – The Green Room

A week or so ago Asda introduced The Green Room, a place for ‘colleagues’ to share what’s happening around the business. Not much fanfare that I noticed externally at least that I spotted anyway. What’s interesting is the openness that surrounds the project as wel as how important it is that colleagues have a voice to interact with the business. One thing that seems to be missing Read more …

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Up the Albion

Up the Albion

Here’s a newish caff, the Albion. Part of Terence Conran’s Boundary project. Continuing the trend of taking back Britishness from the far right, tea is served with crocheted tea cosy, cutlery in syrup cans and water in a tin pitcher. Definitely one to add to our next Retail Safari. On a more social media type front they use Baker Tweet to let their locals know what’s coming out of Read more …

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Twitter etc as video

If you don’t really get Twitter or crowdsourcing or facebook any of that social media malarky here’s a video that shows how it works … Originally from Seth  Read More …

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Thinking ahead (or not)

Two stories that prove the effectiveness or otherwise of engaging with the online community. From Mashable: Dirk-Willem van Gulik is to join the BBC. From everywhere today including the BBC: Facebook to pull Scrabulous.  Read More …

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The BBC goes social

You can now bookmark news items on the BBC on your favourite social bookmarking/sharing website. More here.  Read More …

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