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Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett opened a new format store back in February in Bury St Edmunds. Eventually we got around to taking a look. Features included an olive oil station and coffee area and a new Good Food to Go identity which is rather at odds with the traditional Holland & Barrett identity as well as further window graphics which are again mismatched with the Good Food To Go identity. Gondolas are Read more …

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Not for sale

A new store in Paris, the Smart Store where everything is not for sale, but can be tried and tested. From LSN:Global  Read More …

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New Uniqlo UK

Today Uniqlo launched their new UK ecommerce website. Of particular note is the immensely long home page, scroll all the way down to read a huge amount of information. We’re still getting comments regularly about designing ‘above the fold’ so it’s refreshing to see a client that understands that scrolling is probably easier than clicking through and keeps customers on the home Read more …

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For the bookshelf – Supergraphics

A new book by Unit Editions, to give it it’s full title Supergraphics. Transforming Space: Graphic Design for Walls, Buildings & Spaces. Supergraphics is the name of an architectural movement from the 1960s and 70s that saw architects attempt to ‘remove solidity, gravity, even history’ by the simple act of applying paint and graphics to the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings. You Read more …

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Louis Vuitton – Bond Street Windows

Lovely windows at Louis Vuitton Bond Street. A simple idea well executed. More pictures on the Coolhunter.  Read More …

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The big image

There’s a trend in website design to use large background images to add a larger sense of place to screens. These images should be scaleable so they fit into whatever size window you’re using. Some sites have a random rotating image, some are more static. Some use a bit of javascript, or you can just use css and html (our preferred method, see below) and some use flash. Using images this Read more …

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Cox Cookies & Cake

Patrick Cox opened a new venture in Soho on Tuesday. Cox Cookies & Cake takes the current trend for all things cup cake/indulgence and adds a big dose of Soho neon chic. The website as yet isn’t live but shows the intent with an animated neon identity, and thank goodness for a sign up form. The website is at their Facebook page is here. Also on a cupcake note the Read more …

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More ecommerce retail design

It wasn’t just Apple who launched their new season’s range yesterday. Over the past week or so a couple of big players in the fashion stakes have added ecommerce to their UK sites. Gap and Zara have very different approaches. The Gap model is pretty standard while Zara goes for the big centre stage image route as well as a lot more readable content and options for iPhone, iPad as well Read more …

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Ecommerce checklist

If you’re setting up shop online there’s a lot of questions you need to have the answers for, here’s 80 to start with: Why do you want an ecommerce website? What has lead you to this decision? What are your expectations of having an online store? (turnover/profit, life change, more spare time/less spare time) What is your USP? Are you competing on price? Who are your competitors? Who Read more …

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