Found, antique, vintage etc.

There’s a growing trend towards individuality in larger brand retail taking after what’s been going in the leisure market for a few years. After all why design the same thing over and over again when you can do it differently every time. The modern globe trotting or even just city hopping person perhaps doesn’t want the same environment every time s/he visits the same brand.

One way of changing the environment without watering down the brand is to use found and refurbished objects, fixtures and fittings that are in keeping with the overall brand identity.

Graphics often becomes less important and the objects and furniture more valuable. How this style of retail will stand the test of time I’m not sure, it needs constant reinvention and reiteration to keep it fresh rather than the usual complete refit every five years or so.

A few examples of some more individual ‘third places’:

Roy Street Coffee and Tea by Starbucks

Originally from: Furfin

15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea by Starbucks

Originally from: Furfin

The Chin Chin Laboratorists

Originally from: Dezeen

Red Wing Shoes, Amsterdam

Originally from: Furfin

Starbucks concept store, Conduit Street London

Originally from: PSFK

And on this blog …

Albion and Rapha Cycle Club

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