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More Supermarket Sarah

A few more pictures from our new favourite shop, (did we mention about experience retailing?) this is her new wall guest curated by the super designer Fred Butler. Also a very fine Benny Hill style making of video. Supermarket Sarah ▶ jQuery(document).ready(function() {if ( !["tchkIfXt"] ) {["tchkIfXt"] = new Array(); }["tchkIfXt"][1]={"blog":9419396,"post":7,"duration":12,"poster":"http:\/\/\/tchkIfXt\/video_std.original.jpg","hd":false,"mp4":{"size":"std","uri":"http:\/\/\/tchkIfXt\/video_std.mp4"},"ogv":{"size":"std","uri":"http:\/\/\/tchkIfXt\/video_fmt1.ogv"},"locale":{"dir":"ltr","lang":"en"}}; jQuery("#v-tchkIfXt-1-placeholder").show(0,function(){"tchkIfXt")}); if Read more …

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Retail Design Principles

Our good friend and ex-colleague Jason Milne, now of Contagious in bonnie Scotland has as good presentation to watch if you’re new (or old for that matter) to retail design. Lots of good illustrative images and usable text about the principles of Retail Design. I’ve added it to Issuu so you can flick through at your leisure. Click on the centre of the presentation to go full screen, press Read more …

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Experience Retailing

I find myself in a Costa Coffee at a service station; very early for a meeting again! Here I am musing on the future of the High Street. I have predicted future trends in the past although I have often found clients bemused or just thinking I am talking rubbish. Eight years ago I told a client their web site had more potential for sales and profit than any single store; I also suggested they should Read more …

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Happy Birthday Gap

Joining in the general retail birthday celebrations, Gap celebrate their 40th with a pop up store in Kingly Street (just off Carnaby Street) in London. Some nice art pieces and simple bright furniture complement the pared down space. The store is apparently only there for 19 days and 69 hours from Saturday 12th September. More detail on the Wallpaper article and a slideshow. Also on Retail Week.  Read more …

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New Google Internet Stats

Launched today but hidden away Google Internet Stats is a neat little site to back up those all important presentations/proposals. Five main areas are covered (with room for expansion) and the opportunity to submit your own stats. Originally from Read Write Web via twitter  Read More …

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