I came across a couple of pictures of Danesi on Scott Hansen’s very fine ISO50 blog and it inspired me to look more into the Danesi brand.

The first set of pictures shows the ‘dch’ (danesi coffee house)  concept, ” … a real tasting place to experience the original Italian espresso and distribute new “coffee culture” products; each one is located in large city centres.”

What I particularly like in the interiors is the calmness and structure that’s provided by the overall colour palette but carried through to the straightforward large image that’s used and the furniture with its cutaway details and chairs with mini shelves.

My favourite feature though is the lighting, especially the lampshades that cut through the ceiling raft above the counter. All very calm and elegant. As usual it’s the attention to detail that makes places like these work.

The Danesi website is also worth a browse to see the products as well as all elements you would need to create your franchise.

The second set of pictures shows the ‘dsao’ (danesi small architectural object) concept, “a small coffee corner, conceived as independent platforms, ready to be located inside malls, airports, railway stations and trade shows.”



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