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JYSK comes to the UK

Another Danish homeware retailer, JYSK, is looking to open its doors in the UK. According to Retail Week they’re scouting locations in and around Yorkshire. I’m wondering if there is really room for another furniture/homeware retailer in the UK so it’ll be interesting to watch if they can succeed.  Read More …

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Use your windows well

A couple of examples of using your shop windows to create a buzz. Kate Moross at Topshop and amazing Selfridges from the very fantastic Style Bubble. Don’t see any reason why some innovative use of ‘windows’ couldn’t translate to a webstore near you.  Read More …

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We're mobile

In the spirit of 2008 being the year of mobile you can now read our blog when you’re sipping your skinny latté waiting for your chums. Put your phone number into the box on the right and apparently instant delivery to your mobile device. If you’re thinking of providing mobile content yourself take a look at mofuse which is a pretty simple way to make this happen and best of all it’s Read more …

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Man flu

Pete and I are both suffering … a lot.  Read More …

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What's your web app?

If you’re into web apps (and why wouldn’t you be?) you can vote for your favourite and have a chance to win a wii. Just click on the box at the top and it’ll take you to the voting form.  Read More …

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Etail trends

The UK online spend over Christmas was unsurprisingly a record £15.2 billion. With more than 80% of adults shopping online in 2007 this trend is set to continue according to the IMRG (via Retail Bulletin). E commerce sales overall grew 50% last year with £46.6 billion being spent in 2007. High street retailers have an obvious advantage with the ability to deliver and control stock and in theory Read more …

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Welcome to the Tesco (ahem) Department Store

In a bid for global domination, i.e to garner more than £1 in every £7 spent in the UK, Tesco are looking to expand into a high street near you. From the FT originally, via PSFK.  Read More …

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Thinking ahead (or not)

Two stories that prove the effectiveness or otherwise of engaging with the online community. From Mashable: Dirk-Willem van Gulik is to join the BBC. From everywhere today including the BBC: Facebook to pull Scrabulous.  Read More …

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Happy New Apple

Whilst many retailers are still counting the profits (or losses) after Christmas Apple shows us how to start the year with some buzz and no doubt a bang. How many retailers can create such a buzz about new product announcements? How many retailers can fuel such speculation and evangalism about potential new product lines. In the run up to Steve Jobs Keynote at Macworld Expo today, Apple lets the blogosphere Read more …

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