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As retail designers we’re always preaching that retail should be an experience, Peter Merholz from from Adaptive Path takes this further, telling us the product should be the experience. I’d go along with that and it takes a lot of effort and good thinking to do it. Is there anyone in the UK doing this, Apple of course, although I find their stores a bit clinical for my taste and possibly Habitat and Zara Home down Regent Street, Hamleys probably but in the mainstream UK high street I suspect this kind of thinking doesn’t exist, although I’m going to start looking out for it now.

The other message in this quick video is that all retail channels should be joined up, something which although seemingly obvious patently isn’t the case over here in many, many cases, mainly larger retailers are guilty of this as smaller businesses have less political posturing and devolve authority for marketing material (and budgets) to less people so there’s more chance of remaining consistent across their brand.

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